The Comb Accel Education

Accelerate Your Career

Students who attend classes at our Technical Center will have the knowledge and skills to become the leaders of a new generation of hairstylists.  They learn by using science and technology by drawing on the principles of visual mathematics, design, engineering, and architecture to ensure accurate and precise haircuts – every time.
Our students accelerate their career development thanks to our fast teaching techniques, putting them behind the chair in a few short months.   We substitute guesswork and estimating with tools and training that build skills and confidence as our graduates grow in their careers. 
We’re taking the hair professional and the beauty industry to a new level of understanding.

1)  Level 1- Learn four foundational haircuts.  

This is the most popular class we teach at beauty academies.  It introduces students to our tool and precise cutting methods.  Taught on-site at the academy by our experienced educators using our manual, students begin to build skills and confidence as they prepare to pass the state board exam.
Duration:  7 weeks ( 4 hours each) - Theory & Practical
Includes:  The Comb, 1 doll head, instruction manual.

2)  Fast Track - Learn texturizing techniques with advance haircuts.
You will Learn:
  Students will take the first steps to achieve Master Stylist certification and take their skills and understanding of haircutting to a new level.   We apply Science , Technology, Visual mathematics and introduce hair diagramming as part of the design process.

  • Learn 7 Basic haircuts
  • Blow-dry styling
  • Body discipline
  • Shears mechanics
  • Introduction to diagramming
  • Portfolio photos after each haircut

Duration:  7 weeks (4 hours each) - Theory & Practical
Includes:  1 doll head, instruction manual.

3) Haircoloring
Level 1 – Introduction to Hair Coloration 

You will Learn:  Hair structure, hair terminology, color formulation, effective use of the Color Chart.

Foundational to peak performance advanced hair color theory for the stylist.  Obtain and become familiar with the industry color formulation chart.
Duration:  4 hours - Theory

Includes:  Hands-out

Level 2 – The Speed and Techniques of Color Application

You will Learn:  Practical application techniques - Balancing, Speed, Accuracy and Consistency. 

  • Students will build on advanced color theory
  • Basic tint application
  • Sectioning and understanding direction
  • Numbers and angles
  • Levels of lift
  • Weave.

Duration:  3 classes (4 hours each) - Theory & Practical

Includes:  Hair products and doll head

3)  Styling - Long hairdressing
You will Learn: 
Foundation of hairstyling for special events, fashion, and bridal.

  • Thermal styling
  • Knot
  • Twist
  • Pleat

Price:  $4650

Interactive training program available 24 hours a day with multimedia support.

Exclusive educational videos and illustrated step-by-step training workbook.
Certificate of Completion